The name PHANTOM HIRE and the PH badge are trademarks of PHANTOM HIRE LTD, 11 Portland Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B16 9HN.

The SPIRIT OF ECSTASY sculpture, the name ROLLS-ROYCE, the ROLLS-ROYCE badge and the linked R-R logo are trademarks of ROLLS-ROYCE MOTOR CARS LIMITED and are used by PHANTOM HIRE under the “Fair Use” doctrine.

PHANTOM HIRE LTD (afterwards “Phantom Hire”) is a luxury car hiring company not affiliated with ROLLS-ROYCE MOTOR CARS LIMITED and the use of third-party copyrighted content or trademarks is done with the only purpose of showcasing Phantom Hire own fleet of vehicles and to provide comparison between them. The SPIRIT OF ECSTASY sculpture is creatively used only with artistic purpose to introduce Phantom Hire own fleet that is mainly made of Rolls Royce vehicles.

All pictures used in the website (afterward “the website”) that include ROLLS-ROYCE vehicles are actual shots of Phantom Hire owned vehicles and are herein used for the purposes stated above.

All other pictures of vehicles that appear in the website are actual shots or sourced for demonstrative or comparative purposes and are hence used under the “Fair Use” doctrine.

All company names that appear in the website are property of the respective companies and are solely used for comparison purposes.

Document last revised on 12/09/2019.