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Deck the Halls (With Love): Planning a Festive Holiday Wedding

holiday wedding

Of course, holiday wedding planning is the most delightful time; when choosing a date for your wedding, you may consider several things, such as your family’s availability for holiday wedding planning, your favourite season, or an upcoming anniversary. Something else to think about? Whether or not the planning of your wedding depends on your celebration. Many couples tie the knot on a holiday like Easter festival, Bank Holiday, or Christmas. However, there are a few factors to consider before making the decision. 

For example, attendees are likelier to have an extra day to celebrate or take trips. Planning a Memorial wedding, for example, would give many loved ones a joyful ceremony. 

However, there may also be a few disadvantages, like more extraordinary travel expenses for friends and family or scheduled excursions restricting availability. Fear not if you’re not sure you want to marry around the holidays. We’ve included all the advantages, some possible considerations, and holiday wedding ideas to assist you and your guests in having the best possible time. See below for all the essential information on planning your special day for a memorable festival. 

Choosing Locations For Holiday Wedding Planning

location holiday wedding destination helicopter

Depending on the time of year, holiday wedding planning may make it simpler for couples to reserve locations for their wedding festival. For example, since most students are off campus and there aren’t as many competing events as possible, like football games or alumni festivals, holiday wedding planning could mean more availability if you meet your future spouse in college and want to get married close to your alma institution. It will be easier to complete your holiday wedding planning with more venue possibilities for you and lots of housing options for your guests. 

Twinkle lights on holiday wedding planning.

Spend no less on the lighting! When planning a holiday wedding, twinkle lights are a wonderful way to add a romantic touch to the setting. If your location is entirely off-limits to fire, you may always install more lights. You may use them to create a dazzling, romantic curtain or string them over the dance floor. Put it on Pinterest, I promise you won’t be let down.

Since many of your friends and family will have an extra day off work, throw a fun celebration on your holiday wedding planning

Having The Luxury Of Extra Time In Holiday Wedding Planning

Above all, you have time on your side. Many of your guests will most likely get a three-day holiday wedding planning, giving them a much-needed extra day. This gives loved ones an extra day to get to your venue, stay for extended celebrations, or rest after the reception ends—all without having to take time off from work.

A Holiday Wedding Planning Inspired Drink Menu! 

Nothing is more cheerful and celebratory than a glass of bubbly. Think about serving champagne at your wedding. Before the ceremony, have some mulled wine and ginger cookies. Hot chocolate and bourbon can also finish the celebration with a sweet touch. This time of year, I also love cranberry ginger drinks, a great variation of the traditional vodka-cranberry concoction. There are several ways to make festive cocktails. Even better—eggnog, anyone?

holiday wedding drinks

Flower Favors On Holiday Wedding Planning.

Flowers are such great party favours this time of year. Chances are your wedding guests will be entertaining over the holidays, so getting to take home a bouquet of beautiful flowers for holiday wedding planning is a treat. It’s such a great way to reduce waste, too. Your wedding guests can enjoy the flowers for days to come, and so will their family and friends. My favourite winter flowers? Rich red roses, sprigs of green eucalyptus, amaryllis, camellias, and ranunculi just to name a few. 


Regardless of the date of your ceremony, holiday wedding planning or a casual festival, it’s critical to think about what matters most to you. There are several advantages to having a holiday wedding planning, such as more time off work to celebrate or a more joyous atmosphere. However, before deciding on a holiday wedding planning celebration, there are factors to consider, just like with any other aspect.

These variables range from possibly greater prices to lessened venue availability. Though the government may not officially recognize it, your event will always seem like a holiday to you, no matter when and where it occurs. Make your wedding a holiday season highlight with these tips for planning a festive and joyful ceremony.

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