Ford reveals the new GT

Yes thats right, Ford have released a brand new version of the iconic Ford GT. And with over 600bhp, a 3.5litre V6 turbo engine, enough torque to pull your face off and looks to kill, it definitely lives up to the name.

It was the showstopper at the Detroit car show, and rightly so with its beautiful design. Petrol heads have long been waiting for the next version of the Ford GT, with the previous 2 versions being so iconic and loved. Ford have not released all the details yet, but we know that the car will be getting an all new 3.5litre V6 engine pushing out over 600bhp, and an expected 0-60 time of around the 3.0 second mark. Thats enough to get anyone excited.

For now, we won’t say anymore, hopefully we will do a longer write up in the next few weeks going into more detail.