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Booking Process

  • Hire prices given on our booking system may not always be 100% accurate – depending on what season it is, availability and several other factors, the price may be slightly higher or lower than shown. Once you get in touch we will take all necessary details, confirm booking details and confirm a final price (although deposit amount will remain the same).
  • If you chose ‘Location of your choice’ for the Pick-up/Drop-off location (i.e. to have the car delivered/collected from a location of your choice), there will be an additional charge separate to the hire charge shown through the booking system on our site. Click here to find out more about the delivery/collection process, what areas we cover and the prices.
  • If you are booking multiple cars, we will be more than happy to offer you a discount. Just go ahead with the booking, and then when we contact you to confirm price, you can expect a nice discount 🙂

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