Proms – big business

Gone are the days where a prom was just a small end of year celebration where teenagers let their hair down after a long and exhausting year. Nowadays, it seems proms are becoming more and more extravagant, with parents now splashing out an estimated £30m a year on the parties.

In a recent study carried out by The Guardian the publications’ Journalist, Jill Papworth, speaks about the flamboyance of the prom scene in the UK.

‘The humble school disco is almost a thing of the past, with an estimated 85% of UK secondary schools now holding a prom during June or July, the majority for 15- and 16-year-olds after their GCSEs. Estimates vary, but some reckon that British parents are now lavishing £30m a year on the parties.’

Over the past decade or so, the prom industry has seen a huge change. 10 years ago, you would be luck to see a limousine at a school prom, now however, it seems no prom is complete without a limousine. We cover proms all across the country, and many key prom dates get fully booked many months in advance, just showing how keen kids are on the big day. And its not just limousines, for those looking to impress, supercars and luxury cars are not uncommon.

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